Wide range of mouldable materials

Autobagging service available

Injection Moulding Companies You Can Trust

Here at HLB, we are one of the most active injection moulding companies in the West Midlands. We have a wide network of plastic suppliers who provide us with high quality raw materials to ensure our products can be moulded to the highest degrees of precision and...

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Plastic Injection Mould Experts | How We Do It

We are the plastic injection mould experts.  A plastic injection mould is a specially designed compartment in which heated, soft plastic is pressed at high pressures to mould it into a desired shape. More specifically propylene (or other plastic) pellets are dyed the...

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Plastic Injection Mouldings Service – Precision Perfection

For expertly manufactured plastic injection mouldings and a fast, reliable service – you’ve come to the right place. Here at HLB Plastics we have been trusted suppliers of a wide range of plastic injection mouldings Service to the aerospace, medical, defence,...

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Cookware Handle Manufacturing in the West Midlands

Cookware Handle Manufacturing Leveraging our longstanding industrial experience as a plastic and cookware handle manufacturing expert, HLB Plastics are committed to providing an extensive range of cookware handles at the most competitive of rates. Our state of the art...

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Cookware Handle Manufacturer – Get a Handle on This

Cookware Handle Manufacturer Saucepans, eco knobs, top hat lids, poacher trays and more, if you’re looking for one of the top cookware handle manufacturer in the West Midlands, then you’ve found us. Leveraging our wealth of experience as a plastic and cookware handle...

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Trade Injection Moulding: Everything You Need To Know

Trade injection moulding - what exactly is it? In trade injection moulding, plastic granules are melted until soft enough to be injected into one of our specialist moulds. Immense pressures generated by our state of the art equipment, apply shot weights of up to 350...

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