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At HLB Plastics we are specialists in high volume plastic injection mouldings with an ISO 9001 accreditation which proves that everything we produce is of the highest quality.

We offer our customers a total product solution from the initial concept to moulding, manufacturing, assembling the product and then packaging. With 20 years of experience as injection moulders behind us, HLB’s highly skilled tool makers are masters in the art of plastic injection moulding.

With our bespoke moulding manufacturing processes, we can make products for our customers in a diverse range of industries. These include healthcare, tooling, automative, homeware and garden products, and aerospace and defence.

Such a varied number of sectors requires a vastly different array of products. And many of the industries are at the cutting edge of technological innovations.

Aerospace, defence and vehicle manufacturing are all well known for their use of technology. At HLB our strategy is to ensure we design, manufacture and assemble plastic mouldings that are used in all areas of technological innovation.

Likewise, our plastic mouldings are used to produce medical components which are needed in a highly controlled, sterile environment. Again, we design and manufacture these, large and small, that enable our healthcare industry to remain at the forefront of advances in global medical technology.

On a more tactile level our injection mouldings can be used to produce simple yet long-lasting and robust tools for gardening or for use around the home.

Such an eclectic range of products highlights how our years of experience as injection moulders has helped us become market leaders in our field. Our tool makers are known for their skills in creating engineered products of the highest quality.

We have the full range of plastic injection mouldings to suit all our customers’ needs. These can be produced in high volumes or as smaller, bespoke products.

So if you’re searching for a British plastic injection moulding manufacturer, stop looking. You’ve found us.

At HLB Plastics no mould is too big or too small….so give us a call on 01543 275400.

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