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Plastic Injection Moulding


For over twenty years, HLB Plastics has been dedicated to delivering the perfect results our customers expect, time and time again. In this time, we have seen the plastics industry change and accelerate, with greater demands resulting in a wider range of materials and services. Thanks to our accumulated experience and expertise, we are proud to offer expert skills such as plastic injection moulding for our clients both domestically and internationally.

No matter how large or small the requirements or project may be, we ensure complete flexibility in our working facilities, meaning all of our customers get the high level of skilled service they deserve. Thanks to our state of the art equipment, we can offer a wide range of plastic injection moulding services – our plastic injection moulding machines range from 25 to 350 tonne shot weight, which means we can produce anything from one gram, to one kilogram in weight. As such, we are the ideal choice of providers for all of your plastic needs, and can guarantee precision and attention to detail every time.

Plastics come in a wide variety of different materials, each with their own unique properties and attributes. We believe in making sure our customers get the high standard of material their product or project requires, and are happy to discuss the best options for each job at hand. We regularly produce goods from standard practical materials, such as polythene and polypropylene. Alongside these, we also work with quality engineering grade materials, such as Nylon 6, glass filled nylons and a range of polycarbonates, plus many, many more.

We know just how important convenience is for our customers, and how vital it is for them to get their products ready for the market as soon as possible. Because of this, we are happy to provide a speedy, convenient auto bagging service, which means that your product is ready for the shelves as soon as it is delivered. On the subject of delivery, we also have our own vehicle for deliveries nationwide. This allows us to provide the same high standard of service you would receive throughout HLB Plastics’ ordering and manufacturing process, and allowing that extra flexibility for our valued customers.

Moulding for Industries

We produce injection moulded products for a wide range of industries ranging from Automotive & Hospitals to house wares and garden & pet products.

plastic injection moulding
plastic injection moulding machine
plastic injection moulding machine