Trade injection moulding – what exactly is it? In trade injection moulding, plastic granules are melted until soft enough to be injected into one of our specialist moulds. Immense pressures generated by our state of the art equipment, apply shot weights of up to 350 tonnes onto the plastic to accurately shape it to the design, after which it is cooled and hardened.  

Trade injection moulding produces high volumes of parts with great accuracy, very quickly. We provide such services at the most competitive of prices for automotive, tooling, gardening and homeware traders.

Here at HLB Plastics, we offer such injection moulding services exclusively for trade. This is because we understand that not all small UK injection moulding companies can source tooling, and larger traders may benefit from the broader range of services available at HLB.

Trade Injection Moulding at HLB…Going the Extra Mile

We recognise the importance of precision and accuracy for our traders and therefore we have equipped ourselves with the most skilful toolmakers, and state of the art machinery. Unlike many trade injection moulding suppliers, we provide a fully comprehensive trade moulding solution, taking care of each stage of the project from conceptual design all the way through to manufacturing and product assembly. We also go the extra mile and offer an auto-bagging and packaging service, so products can fly off the shelves as soon as they leave our workshop. What’s more, we also offer an exclusive delivery service, using our own vehicles, to ensure your products reach you quickly, safely and damage free.


Want to hear it for yourself? Here’s what our valued customers have to say…


“The team at HLB are always very helpful and provide an excellent service with a flexible approach.” – Daniel Brain, Managing Director

“I have been dealing with HLB plastics for the last 15 years and have found them to be most professional in dealing with orders with excellent results and speedy delivery times and would not hesitate to recommend them…” John White, Managing Director

Visit our website for more information on our plastic injection moulding solutions and our exclusive trade injection moulding services. We also offer cookware handle manufacturing and a range of kitchen hollowware products.

If you are on the lookout for a British trade injection moulding manufacturer, look no further…give us a call on 01543 275400, we are happy to help!

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