Plastic Moulding Experts

As industry leading plastic moulding experts, we use state of the art machinery, have one of the smartest technician teams in the industry, excellent client service, speedy turnaround…the list goes on.  

We provide high quality plastics at the most competitive prices to the automotive, aerospace, defence, tooling, health care, gardening and homeware industries. Being part of a wide network of plastic moulding experts we can source quality raw materials and keep up to date with the latest techniques in the plastics industry. This is one of the main reasons why our valued client base trust us as their major supplier of plastic goods. With tailored services, bespoke design services and flexible nationwide delivery, we make the manufacturing process quick and easy for our clients and ensure that no matter what they require, we have the right products to suit them.

Plastic Moulding Experts | We Mould to Your Needs

All professional plastic moulders will tell you that there is no mould too big or small! This is because plastic injection moulding is such a widely-used method of manufacturing, that sometimes you don’t even realise the products you have in your home have undergone the same process. This can be anything from cookware to medical syringes to aerospace and defence components.

Plastic moulding experts know that precision and accuracy is paramount when it comes to injection moulding and thanks to our 350 tonne shot-weight moulders, we can generate immense power to mould plastics to the highest quality finish. Whether you need a 1g or a 1Kg mould, we offer variety of materials from polypropylene to engineering grade, glass-filled materials, so that you always have a range of suitable options to choose from.

We are a family owned business of plastic moulding experts with full ISO 9001 accreditations which recognise our efforts to achieve standards of excellence. Our bespoke service allows clients who require non-standard sizes, colours or designs to get the products they need whilst our nationwide delivery service ensures they reach you in perfect condition and as quickly as possible. You will be offered the knowledge and advice you need from our conceptual design engineers regarding the most suitable materials and batches for your budget.  

So if you’re looking for a plastic moulder Midlands then head over to our plastic injection moulding website where you can find lots of information on all of our plastic molding services. Alternatively, call our sales team on 01543 275400 for your free no obligation quote.

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