Whether you require saucepans, eco knobs, top hat lids or poacher trays, we are one of the top cookware handle manufacturers in the West Midlands and we’ve got you covered for any of your plastic cookware needs.

Leveraging our wealth of experience and one of the UK’s leading cookware manufacturers, we now offer an extensive range of products that have continued to expand in variety and materials over the 20 years. Here are some of the most popular plastic injection moulding cookware we can offer as your trusted cookware manufacturers:

–          Top Hat Lids

–          2, 3 and 4 Hole Poacher Tray

–          Kettle Handles

–          Sauce Pan Lids

–          Poacher Cup Lid & Knob

–          Teapot Handles

–          Eco Knobs


Cookware Manufacturers | What Our Clients Have To Say

We pride ourselves on our competitive rates and excellent client service, regularly being praised for our standards of work: Time and time again we have been appraised for the care we put into our work and the quality of the products that come out of it.

“I have been dealing with HLB plastics for the last 15 years and have found them to be most professional in dealing with orders with excellent results and speedy delivery times and would not hesitate recommending them. Very friendly and helpful when other services such as toolmaking required.” – John White Managing Director.

“The team at HLB are always very helpful and provide an excellent service with a flexible approach” – Daniel Brain, Managing Director

Plastic handle manufacturer technicians and salespeople strive to provide you with the service you deserve – this includes the best conceptual design advice, best price, quick turnaround and speedy delivery.  

Our state of the art injection moulders allow us to produce high volumes of quality assured products, with every item finished to the highest standards of smoothness, precision and accuracy. All our cookware products are durable, rigid and hard wearing, and our production line is fully ISO 9001 accredited.

We use food-approved polypropylene for most products and fire retardant nylon for teapot handles and recycled Polypropylene for our Eco Knobs. For further information on any of our cookware manufacturers services, contact us on 01543 275400 for your free quote or visit cookware handle manufacturers staffordshire to read more about our plastic injection and trade injection services.

We hope you’ve found this article useful. We are passionate about our injection plastics. You might also like to read our previous blog on injection moulding.