We are the plastic injection mould experts.  A plastic injection mould is a specially designed compartment in which heated, soft plastic is pressed at high pressures to mould it into a desired shape. More specifically propylene (or other plastic) pellets are dyed the specific colour of the desired product and then fed into the heated barrel of the machine. This barrel melts the goo and then injects it into the moulds. This process can be used to make thousands of different plastic products from Frisbees and water bottles to pill containers and traffic cones. So, there you have it, no matter what kind of product you’re looking for, we’ll have a mould for it! We also offer a bespoke service for clients who require a more specific plastic injection mould for their product.

As plastic injection mould experts, we are renowned here at HLB for producing high volumes of top quality plastic goods at high-speed. This means we can have products manufactured, packaged and delivered to your door just hours after leaving the mould. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and reliable service, so you can rest assured that you will be well looked after by the HLB team.

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We have an extensive product range and have the capacity to manufacture plastic products in many different materials from polythene and polypropylene to engineering grade materials such as polycarbonates, Nylon 6 and glass-filled materials. With our expert team and state of the art equipment we can guarantee that, no matter how large your consignment order, every item will be manufactured to the highest degree of precision, smoothness and accuracy. We have been supplying top-quality goods to the aerospace, defence, medical, automotive and homeware industries for over 20 years and stand as one of the most trusted manufactures in the West Midlands.

Our extensive network of plastic suppliers helps us keep up to date with all the latest advances in the plastics industry and ensures that each plastic injection mould is functioning as efficiently as possible. Our high standards enable us to manufacture for industries at the cutting edge of technological innovation. This includes producing intricate medical components and syringes or large plastic moulds for use in the aerospace industries. We also manufacture a range of more tactile products including cookware handles and robust gardening tools.

For more information on our plastic injection moulding service visit our website or call us today on 01543 275400 – We welcome all enquires!

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