Here at HLB, we are one of the most active injection moulding companies in the West Midlands. We have a wide network of plastic suppliers who provide us with high quality raw materials to ensure our products can be moulded to the highest degrees of precision and accuracy, time and time again. We are trusted to provide high volumes of goods to a variety of industries across the UK including the aerospace, medical, automotive and homeware sectors.

With a wealth of experience as one of the leading injection moulding companies in the UK and a dedicated team of expert technicians, we have the right tools for the job! We can produce high volumes of acrylics, polypropylenes, polystyrenes, and polyethylenes as well as engineering grade materials such as Nylon 6 and glass-filled materials.

We are also always on the lookout for products that have not yet reached the UK plastics industry and we do our best to remain as up-to-date as we can on all things thermoplastic, so that we can continue meeting the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

How to Find the Best Injection Moulding Companies

You’ve found us! Okay all joking aside, there are plenty of fantastic plastic injection moulding companies in the UK…however, there are none quite like us. We are a family owned business located in the centre of the UK. We always put client service first and pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, speedy service. We are known for going the extra mile and ensuing that we maintain our high standards by always broadening our product range and adding as many helpful services as we can. This includes our auto bagging service which will package all your products after they leave the mould, so they are ready for the shelves as soon as they leave the warehouse. We also have our own delivery fleet which ensures your products reach you as quickly as possible. This can be within one to two days of you placing the order.

Finding injection moulding companies is easy, but finding one with a bespoke service is less common. For clients who require something outside of our range of colours or sizes then we will provide a fully comprehensive design, manufacturing and post-production service at a competitive price.

We always welcome project enquiries, so for your free, no obligation quote contact us on 0116 276 6363 or visit our website.

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