We are a team of experienced engineers who specialise in industrial and commercial injection moulding, supplying quality goods to the aerospace, medical, homeware, cookware, defence and automotive industries.  

Injection moulding plastic involves feeding fine plastic granules into a heated chamber where they are heated and melted. The melted plastic is then poured into the mould cavity where shot weights of up to 350-tonnes apply pressure onto the plastic, shaping it to the mould beneath.

Injection moulding is a versatile process which can be used  to produce hundreds of different products from medical syringes to cookware handles. Our injection moulding service is renowned for its competitive pricing and high standards of quality. This we achieve by using state of the art plastic injection moulding equipment and optimisation machines. We also source the best raw materials from our trusted network of UK suppliers, to ensure that we provide our clients with durable and reliable goods.

Injection Moulding | Why HLB

We tailor all injection moulding packages to the needs and budget of our clients, and offer exclusive delivery to ensure they reach you as quickly and as safely as possible:

“I have been dealing with HLB plastics for the last 15 years and have found them to be most professional in dealing with orders with excellent results and speedy delivery times and would not hesitate to recommend them…” John White, Managing Director

The team at HLB are always very helpful and provide an excellent service with a flexible approach.” – Daniel Brain, Managing Director

When looking for injection moulding companies you need to make sure that they offer bespoke services, more especially, if you have a more complex concept that you want to manufacture. Here at HLB we have a dedicated team of designers who build your concepts  into real products, that will stand the test of time and all applications. So for an injection moulding service you can count on, call HLB on 01543 275400 for your free quote, or visit our plastic injection moulding page for more information.

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