A plastic injection mould is used to shape a variety of plastics into different shapes and is used by several industries to produce products such as medical syringes, cookware handles and children’s toys.

The plastic injection mould itself is designed by us in-house, into which heated, soft plastic is poured in and pressed at high pressures by shot-weights; this moulds the plastic to your desired shape and they are then cooled and hardened. This produces a hard, rigid plastic product such as a bow, frisbee, traffic cone or garden furniture, which can be produced hundreds of times over using the same mould. Various colours can be achieved by dyeing propylene (or other plastic) pellets in the barrel before pouring it into the mould. So no matter what kind of product you’re looking for, we’ll have a mould for you! Our bespoke service ensures clients with more complex concepts are able to build and manufacturer the products they need.

We are well known for supplying high volumes of top quality plastic goods both cheaply and quickly, thanks to our state of the art equipment, optimisation machines and team of experts. We can manufacture, package and deliver your products to you door just hours after leaving the warehouse. So what are you waiting for? Here’s what you can expect, as said by our valued customers:

“I have been dealing with HLB plastics for the last 15 years and have found them to be most professional in dealing with orders with excellent results and speedy delivery times and would not hesitate to recommend them…” John White, Managing Director

The team at HLB are always very helpful and provide an excellent service with a flexible approach.” – Daniel Brain, Managing Director

Plastic Injection Mould | Keeping Up With The Times

We are part of a well-connected network of plastic manufacturers and continue to research the latest technologies and design concepts to ensure that the service we provide you with is up to date, efficient and cost-effective.

Our extensive range of plastic injection mould products can be manufactured in a wide selection of materials from polypropylene to engineering grade materials such as Nylon 6 and glass-filled materials.

For plastic injection moulders West Midlands look no further, you’ve found us! We guarantee to provide you with the best recommendations for your plastic injection mould design at a price that works with your budget.

For more information on any of our plastic injection moulding services visit plastic injection moulding or call our team on 01543 275400 – We welcome all enquires!

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