Here at HLB Plastics we are expert suppliers of plastic injection moulds for a range of UK industrial and commercial clients. We produce hundreds of plastic injection moulds for anything from plastic products for the automotive, aerospace and defence industries to medical syringes for healthcare services or plastic gardening and cookware tools. The plastics industry is vast and competitive, so by sourcing the best raw materials from our trusted network of UK plastic suppliers, HLB Plastics are able to stay ahead of the times as well as offering some of the most competitive prices. We pride ourselves on quality as well as quantity, so rest assured that all products manufactured by us are done so with precision and accuracy at the forefront of all operations.  

We tailor services to YOU and do our best to get you the best quality plastic injection mouldings at the best price, and as quickly as possible. Hear it for yourself from some of our loyal customers…

“I have been dealing with HLB plastics for the last 15 years and have found them to be most professional in dealing with orders with excellent results and speedy delivery times and would not hesitate to recommend them…” John White, Managing Director

How Plastic Injection Moulds Work

With all plastic injection moulds, fine plastic granules are fed via a hopper into a heated chamber. In this barrel the plastic is melted under great heat, after which it is then poured through a nozzle into a mould cavity. A wide variety of plastic injection mouldings can be used here and our job is to design and manufacturer the mould to go beneath the barrel, into which your chosen plastic will pour and be shaped. Using shot weights of up to 350-tonnes, great pressure is applied to the plastic, shaping it into hundreds of possible designs.

We offer one of the most popular plastic injection moulding services West Midlands, building hundreds of plastic injection mouldings both cheaply and quickly thanks to our expert team of engineers. So if you are in need of local injection moulding companies then our central West Midlands location can ensure we get your products to you wherever you are in the UK as quickly as possible.

For more information visit our plastic injection mouldings website where we list all of our available plastic injection mouldings and cookware handle services. Call 01543 275400 and we can provide you with all the advice you need and a fee quote.

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